5 Great Marketing Tips On How To Promote Your Online Business For Maximum Profit

Your have decided to have a work from home business. Then you have selected your niche. Now you want to make money with your online business. Your next problem is how do you promote it so that you prosper and eventually become financially free?

If you are a newbie or someone who does not have a lot of experience in online marketing you have to listen to people who have experienced the ins and outs of the MLM industry. If you are like me, you must have started with listening to your up-line on how to recruit people for your organization.

You probably made your list, tapped your warm market, attended hotel meetings, conference call, share your business information to everyone within three feet around you, bought leads, did cold callings, did three way calls with your up-line, meet people in the coffee shop with flip charts, etc.

But how are you doing? Are you signing up or sponsoring a lot of people to your satisfaction?

I did all the above also for a long time as far as I can remember , since when I started doing online businesses some twenty years ago. I have been through all the " aches and pains" of network marketing. So I can share with you some important marketing tips on how to promote your online business. for maximum profit.

Before I give you the actual tips, let let me give you some important secrets that I learned from my mentor Ann Sieg that I believe will help you ,as they have helped me,in your online business:

a) Nothing can take the place of action. No amount of dreams or goals by themselves will ever get you to where you want to be. They are completely meaningless if you don't take action.

b) Nothing else in a business matters if good sales and Marketing are not being used.

c) Everyone ones loves to buy., but no one likes to be sold. When you try to sell something to someone, it's your decision being forced on them. But when someone wants to buy something, it's their decision.

d) Your marketing system's purpose is to bring qualified prospects to you. The job of your sales process is to close the deal and build relationship with your best prospects.

e) All good sales and marketing begins by putting the other person first. The best way to get someone to like you is to focus the entire conversation on them because everyone loves talking about themselves to someone who is genuinely interested.

f) As far as doing our activities is concerned, it is always better to be effective than it is to be efficient. If it requires the right tool to perform your activity use it to be effective in what you do. And the single most important thing you can do in any endeavor is to identify those activities which are most effective and focus the majority of your energy on those activities.

g) People don't buy products, they buy solutions. Every singe le person who who has ever built wealth for themselves has done so by solving other people's problems. That's the formula of making money. People are willing to pay money for solutions, real viable solutions for their problems. In order to accomplish this, there are three main things you have to do:: sell yourself, sell your marketing system, and use educational marketing, not the traditional sales methodologies you have come to know and love.

h) In marketing, the best product to sell to your prospects is not your company product. The best product to sell is You, yourself. You have to sell yourself as a person, more importantly you have to sell your ability to help them get what they want.. You sell The Way in which you do business.

i) In educational marketing, you don't market products or opportunities. You market information. It is the key to attraction because in order to attract people to you, you have to be positioned as a leader. In order to be positioned as a leader, you have to show that you know what you are doing.

j) The most most successful and wealthiest people in the field-- not just MLM-- don't market their products or services. They market knowledge. They market highly valuable information that is of great interest to their target audience.

k) The goal of your marketing efforts is to get your qualified prospects to you.. This is one of , if not the most profitable ways you can monetize your business.

l) Human interaction is mandatory. Today more than ever in our high-tech world, human interaction is not only important , it is mandatory. The "bottom line is , people want to connect with other people. They want to deal with, trust more and buy from other people, not from computer monitors. In fact they really want to feel more secure and comfortable. As a result, they are screaming for credibility. They want more proof. They want to believe.

Now, here are the 5 great marketing tips on how to promote your online business for maximum profit:

1. First, learn from your own experiences. What did you do to promote your business that worked for you? What are the methods that you used that are not effective, not profitable, that wasted your money and precious time? Write them down, reflect on them and learn from them. If you want to learn more from the experiences of other people so that you can avoid what does not work, click the link after reading this article that pertains to this subject.

2. Learn and Use the New Model of Attraction Marketing style. With this new attraction marketing model, you have to position yourself in the marketplace, give values to your potential prospects and give them solutions to their problems. In so doing, they will look for you seek your advice and probably even join you primary business. or businesses..

3. Learn Educational Marketing where you do not market products or opportunities, but you market information and knowledge. You position yourself as a leader that gives values to your potential prospects.

4. Educate yourself and learn the techniques that appeal to you patiently and get yourself positioned as an expert so that prospects will come to you. Give them solutions to their problems . This is the best waay to earn their trust and believe in you and most probably ask you about your primary program or businesses. In order to develop and attract leaders, you have to become one yourself.

5. Teach and help other network marketers about your new-found marketing model, and keep marketing information and knowledge. In order to develop and attract leaders, you have to become one yourself. You can access the information to learn this in the Attraction Marketing Style link in the author's box of this article


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