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Making money from blog is not easy.There are lot of oppurtinities out there and finding the best one for you is not easy. Even if you manage to find what works for your blog, you will still need to manage your ads.

Why You Should Manage Your Ads Well?

Managine your ads is very important. Why? Here are some reasons:

1) You do not Need to Find Code Again and Again : What if you decide to experiment with a new network that promises good earnings. But then, you find its not that good and want to get old ads back. Normally, you need to go to website and get code, but with ad managers, you can easily change ads with few clicks.

2) Stats are Available at One Place : With multiple ad networks, you need to run here and there for your click reports. Ad managers can easily track ads for you and accurately measure ad clicks and views.

3) Selling Direct Ads is Easy : Many times, advertisers set up own redirects to manage ads but this is not always the case. So, it is good idea to have a manager that can track stats for you.

How to Manage Ads?

Many free and paid tools are available for managing ads today. Here are some good ones that let you display ads on your blog and also track clicks.

1) Google Ad Manager : Google Ad Manager is Google’s free service that lets you manage direct as well as AdSense ads. You can sell adspace directly to advertisers or use AdSense in its place.

2) OpenX : OpenX is an Open Source ad server which you can either download to use it on own server or via hosted account. It is easy to use for beginners and supports custom ad sizes. You can also paste code of other ad networks and it will display them well.

3) WP 125 : WP 125 is the best WordPress plugin for beginners. You need to enter landing page url, image address. You can add ads through widgets anywhere in sidebar.

4) Ad Minister : This is another WordPress plugin for managing ads. The way it handles ads is a little diferent. You have to enter the code of ad. So, it is perfect option to serve network ads.

5) Advertising Manager : Advertising manager is a new plugin that handles all your ads. It automatically recognizes various ad formats and gives options to add them to variety of places.

6) AdSense Integrator : This plugin can insert any ad network’s ads to your posts. The positions available are top, bottom and between the post body. You can select where ads are displayed.<

7) OIO Direct : This is a paid software but is worth every penny you spend on it. It can intigrate well with lot of platform and makes handling ads a breeze.

How do you manage your ads?
Tell us which tools you use to manage your ads and how well it is.


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