How can I use PLR content to make money?

What is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights which means that you have the right to edit the content in any way you see fit and for what ever purpose you require. You can add your own name to the content, make changes, insert your affiliate links - basically anything you can think of.

Other industries have a term called Whitelabel, and PLR works exactly like that.

Why is PLR useful?

PLR content is ready made content. It saves you time and money researching and writing about a topic yourself or hiring a ghostwriter to write something for you.

How can I use PLR content to make money?

You should think of PLR articles as a framework around which you can work. Some people simply upload the content to a site or a blog as it is, without making any changes. Occasionally people are able to make a lot of money from AdSense and affiliate commissions doing just this - but it's definitely the minority.

People who spend some time to edit the content, re-compile it into a different format such as a free ebook, syndicate it to article directories etc. are the ones who make the most money and are the most successful with PLR articles and content.

If you compile some articles in to a free report, you can give it away in return for a persons email address, you can then start marketing affiliate products to them and put them in to an autoresponder set up with - yes, you guessed it - PLR articles!

Check out our resources page to find out how you can start working with the PLR articles right away to make money.


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