Make use of your blog postings to boost your Adsense income

By Alan Cheng

You have a blog which you are posting everyday. There’s good
targeted traffic but it’s not enough. You cannot have too much
traffic. You can make use of your blog posts to increase your
exposure and drive your Adsense clicks through the roof.

One of the best techniques to leverage the resources you already
have is to categorize your blog posts. For example, during the past
month’s you will have around nearly 30 postings. Go through your
postings and sort them so that you have around 5 posting
for each category.

With these categories copy and paste the postings so that you have
one piece of article. YOu will need to write an introductory
paragraph and to explain what your article is about and then
modify the content of your posts so that you are explaining useful

For instance, you could mention in the introductory paragraph that
you will discuss the problems people have with Adsense layouts.

Next you will give some good tips on design the best Adsense layout
to get the maximum CTR (Click thru rate) and how it has worked in
your testing.

These points are taken from your postings so there should be no
shortage of ideas. It will be a relatively easy article to write
as you already have the content written.

At the end write a short concluding paragraph and then write a resource
box which explains who you are and the URl of your blog.

What you have done here is make use of your month’s blog postings
and wrote an article with it. Now with this article you need
to submit it to various article directories and ezines.

After your article is submitted, you will see a spur of traffic
visiting your website. These are targetted traffic that is interested
in the information your blog or website offers.

Targetted visitors are most likely to click on your Adsense as they
are actually looking for the particular information.

Don’t forget, you should have 5 articles for your postings and you can
submit them weekly. You are marketing your blog weekly, and the good
thing is the articles will be driving traffic to your website for years
to come since they are out on the web.

I’ve always said Adsense is a numbers game. The more targetted traffic
you have, the more clicks you will get. And if you update your website/blog
regularly, the vistors will return. Do you see the power of this?

There are some points you have to note when using article marketing approach.

1. Your resource box has to be attractive. It is where people read who the
author is and what their website is. A good technique is to link the concluding
remark to your resource box.
For example, you can summarise by saying good software is essential to
creating Adsense sites continously. Then in your resource box, mention your
website and that there is a mini-course on selecting a good Adsense website builder.
This is very effective. If the person is interested in your article, they
will definitely check out your link and get more information.

2. Submitting your articles. There are lots of places where you can submit
your articles to that can give you exposure and backlinks. Actually there
is too many of them. Submitting to them by hand will take you several hours.
If this becomes your weekly task then you will quit shrotly.
There are tools and services which can help you to submit your articles
that are related to your niche. You can send an email to my autoresponder
adarticles@adsense-blogger.com for a list of recommended tools and services
which I use to submit my articles.

3. There is never the rule of having too many articles. The more articles you
have the more exposure you will get. This is the cheapest and most effective
technique I know of to drive traffic to your website. Bear in mind that the
traffic will be coming to your website in the long run. Some people will read it
2 years down the line. It is that powerful.

So put your writing hat on and get those articles out on the internet.
Don’t forget to read up on useful resources on Adsense because at the end
of the day, we want Adsense to give us a nice income on the side


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